Day: 2007-09-30

Sandilands, you’re a prat.

[image credit:, capped by me.] So shock-jock Kyle Sandilands is a complete pillock. We all know that. He’s always been a pillock, he’s not funny, he’s a bigoted, nasty little twit. Sadly, he’s also a judge on Australian Idol,… Read More ›

Calling for votes

Anyone want some more Ladies’ Handbook of Home Treatment? The choices are here. Requests made previously have included: Margie in Austin, Texas: “The Change of Life, or Menopause”. Callie & kristi: “Sex Physiology and Hygiene” PortlyDyke: “On The Threshold of… Read More ›

Things not to do.

I just remembered something that really, really pissed me off over four years ago, and that I never really complained properly about at the time. I was a subject in a breastfeeding research lab for about a year, in a… Read More ›


MEMO To: All writers/editors/narrators of nature programs From: Science Fangs/claws/cool-animal-feature-of-the-day etc. are not “designed”. Or “engineered”. They are adaptations. Pillocks.