Month: October 2007

Wednesday Wow: aerial

So many shots taken from plane windows are rather pedestrian, but the mountains silhouettes against the sunrays and the clouds make this one pretty spectacular.

Pass it on

The GetUp! Save Our Senate 3-party ad is now on YouTube. The funding for free-to-air broadcast is limited, so the more people who see it the better.

Bionic Hymens

[image source] Today’s Pravda brings us: “Every woman has five reasons to recover her virginity”, a three-page promotorial for hymenoplasty surgery. No longer merely a tool for fooling hapless hubbies, revirginisation is the new sexual empowerfulment for the noughties. Excerpts:… Read More ›

Debunking differences

Get your Gender Essentialist bingo cards ready, but this time so that we can cross off various myths being vigorously debunked. First the headline and teaser: The difference myth We shouldn’t believe the increasingly popular claims that boys and girls… Read More ›

Mondayitis cure: kid art

Pirate Ship Pinkus. (“because the pirate ship’s name is “Pinkus”, because it’s a very old ship. Well, that’s a crows-nest with a flag, and a sail, there’s the captain, and that blue bit down the bottom is the ocean. And… Read More ›

Request: epistemology for newbies?

I feel there’s a hole in my book-larnin’. I’ve never really read any formal epistemology, just picked bits and pieces up as I go along. Can anyone recommend any web- (or uni website-) available, chapter/article-length introduction to general principles and… Read More ›

Born to be aloud?

Image Source: screen capture from this news story Obviously not! Only the quiet gays should adopt children! My descent into spelling snark here is a form of deflection, I guess, from pondering sadly just how much Rudd is going to… Read More ›