Sunday Picblogging: Blech, Bling and Bahaha

Spotted in a Cotton On Kids store last week by intrepid reporter baroquestar: three children’s T-shirts, aimed at girls from toddler size.

The slogans? “My Daddy Loves Beer More Than Me”, “Future Footballer’s Wife” and “Lock Up Your Sons”.

[note: not actual shirts.]


Bling your MacBook Pro.


If you read Postsecret and LolCats, you’ll might get a giggle out of combo-meta-parody site LOLsecretz.

A sampling:

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3 replies

  1. As much as those tops are nasty, I just imagined the passive-aggressive gift giving potential in the “My Daddy Love’s Beer more than Me” top. Perfect for the male acquaintance who jokes about missing their kid’s celebrations & being too broke to pay child support while bragging about their expensive ‘partying’ habits etc.
    /joking. rly. i haz not the evils.

  2. Shirts: eeeewwwww. What were they thinking?

  3. I adore LOLsecretz

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