Month: October 2007

Evolutionary Psychology Bingo!

PunkAssBlog has seen a Great Need, and filled it. Evolutionary Psychology Bingo! This particular bingo card specifically addresses the antifeminist/sex-essentialist uses of evpsych. My splorf favourite? “Confusion over whether they’re rationalising polyamory or nuclear-family patriarchy, but whatever they’re rationalising, only… Read More ›

Charles Perkins Oration: Marion Scrymgour

[Image credit: NT Labor Party] Via Aboriginal Art & Culture, the full text of Marion Scrymgour’s Charles Perkins Oration from last week. Scrymgour is the first female Aboriginal Minister in an Australian parliament. Whose national emergency?“¨Caboolture and Kirribili? or Milikapiti… Read More ›

Busy day yesterday

Lots of things going on, panicking clients and minor domestic urgencies not least of all, but at least I got a walk in Centennial Park and some photos even if I didn’t get any writing done. He didn’t want to… Read More ›