Sunday Affectations: “Book Decor”

Books by the foot. and Book Decor. Srsly.

Choose between colour-coordinated libraries such as “Foreign Language Antique Leather”:


“Art Books”:


“Leather Looking”:


or “Bargain Books”.


OK, I sorta get the movie-set thing and perhaps the hotel thing, but they seem to be squarely aimed at the insta-library home-decorator market too.

“We assemble decorator collections”

“Working with you, we will custom design a library that is sure to be a perfect match for any home or office space, one that will please the eye and satisfy the mind.”

Why not just make plastic moulds of book spines?

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  1. Customer: Those books, how much?
    Bernard: Hmm?
    Customer: Those books. Leather-bound ones.
    Bernard: Yes, Dickens. The collective works of Charles Dickens.
    Customer: They real leather?
    Bernard: They’re real Dickens.
    Customer: I have to know if they’re real leather because they have to go with a sofa. Everything else in my house is real. I’ll give you two hundred for them.
    Bernard: Two hundred what?
    Customer: Two hundred pounds…
    Bernard: Are they leather-bound pounds?
    Customer: No…
    Bernard: Sorry, I need leather-bound pounds to go with my wallet. Next!

    Black Books
    Series 1, Episode 1: Cooking The Books

  2. I suspect they’re used in display homes and such, also. I recall when my brother-in-law and his girlfriend bought their apartment in the old wool stores at Teneriffe, the place was fitted with this sort of stuff when they were looking at it.

  3. I went to a second hand booksale last year and a fellow was there wanting to buy 10 metres of books!
    He’d just bought a house (from a lawyer) and it had a library and he wanted to fill the shelves.

  4. This made my jaw drop at first, but having just looked at the Strand page, I could actually see myself ordering contemporary fiction or bargain books by the foot. Those end up being a great price per book, and I’m such an omnivorous reader, I love the idea of getting a whack of books chosen by someone else. Whee! Surprise me!
    $400 a foot for leather books just because they’re leather, however? Yeah, unless you’re decorating a film set, BARF.

  5. $400 a foot for leather books just because they’re leather, however?

    It was the “Leather Foreign Language” books that got me. Who are these people trying to impress, and does it work?

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