Day: 2007-12-02

My recent favourite Flickr shots

From other Flickrers. 1. Untitled, 2. IMG_4018, 3. Launch Pad, 4. Untitled, 5. 1130 REFLECTED, 6. Untitled, 7. Rain over Fullerton Cove, 8. Sun Worshipper, 9. As A Day Begins, 10. 157/365: Brrrrrrrrrrrr!, 11. Zion, 12. Here we come… ready… Read More ›

Plural term

for the H.A.T. commentariat: “hoydenizens”? Any better ideas? And what about a collective noun? A chortle of hoydenizens? A snark? A gimlet?

Reproaches and Laments

In India, a terrible place to be born a girl: In November, India was ranked 114th out of 128 nations in a gender-gap survey conducted by the World Economic Forum, scoring poorly on equality in education, health and the economy…. Read More ›