Day: 2007-12-11

Gratuitous John Barrowman blogging

I just realised (watching Torchwood from the beginning on cable) that John Barrowman is about to start this year’s panto season, starring as Aladdin at Birmingham’s Hippodrome. He’s a musical theatre lad from waaaaay back. As I look at his… Read More ›

It’s a start

The Howard refugee policy is going to be partially dismantled by the new Labor government. The detention centre on Nauru will be closed, and the refugees (a few from Myanmar and many from Sri Lanka) currently held there will have… Read More ›

Go go Gillard

As every media outlet cannot tire of telling us, today is the first day in Australia’s history when we will have a female (acting) Prime Minister, and as they are equally quick to reassure us, it’s only going to be… Read More ›