Plural term

for the H.A.T. commentariat: “hoydenizens”? Any better ideas?

And what about a collective noun? A chortle of hoydenizens? A snark? A gimlet?

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  1. Otherwise, you could analyse hoyden as the plural, like a good Germanic word, in which case the singular would be wither hoyd or hoyde.
    Can I suggest a Heckling of Hoyden? How about a Harangue of Hoyden?

  2. Hoydens and boydens. Or just hoys and boys.

  3. You’ve used Hoydenistas in the past haven’t you? Las Hoydeninas? A clowder of hoyden, a snicker or a howl of hoydens, a bacchante, a corybant, a perturbation of hoydens? Mocking Hoydens run amok.

  4. I like HOYDENIANS. It’s ending would be “female” in the Spanish language. 😛

  5. Su, I have used Hoydenista in the past, but Hoydenizen is a better pun. Not a great one though.
    PS, I have added a random quote function to the sidebar. Lots of science/skeptic quotes, a few feminist ones, various comic quotes and plenty of Terry Pratchett. Feel free to add some favourite quotes in comments here, and if they’re not already on the database I can add them if I like them too!

  6. Can recurring trolls be labelled hoydiots?

  7. I like a howl of hoydens… a horde?

  8. Ahhhhh, I finally understand the meaning of Ampersand Duck now.

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