It’s a start

The Howard refugee policy is going to be partially dismantled by the new Labor government.

The detention centre on Nauru will be closed, and the refugees (a few from Myanmar and many from Sri Lanka) currently held there will have their processing sped up and most will shortly be settled on our mainland.

It’s not open slather though: the 16 Indonesian fisherman who wanted to claim “economic refugee” status when recovered from their leaking boat last week have had their claims refused, Immigration Minister Chris Evans stating that

people from other countries do not have a right to stay in Australia just because they would be economically better off here

The detention centre on Christmas Island will still remain open though, as Evans stated

There’s no suggestion of us weakening the policy in terms of border security and intercepting boats headed towards Australia

There’s no talk yet of what will happen to the long-term detainees at Woomera and Villawood.

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