Day: 2008-01-30

Oh, we hatessss them

15 Design Decisions That Annoy Readers addresses one of my pet peeves. Snap Shots allow a reader to view a website’s design by simply hovering over a link. The feature is annoying for several reasons: Readers have no choice in… Read More ›

Dear Tailgater

The closer you are to my rear bumper, the slower I go. This is not done merely to annoy you (that’s just a bonus). This is a safety issue. See, if you are right on my tail, and if I… Read More ›

Thoughts from a SAHD

On how differently he is treated when he’s doing exactly the same job as any full-time mum, and nothing more than women have done forever. Treating us much the same will be real equality. And it will be much harder… Read More ›