Month: December 2007

The Great Firewall of Australia

[image source] So the government has, as planned back in Beazley times, decided that ISPs in Australia must now implement blocking of “pornographic and inappropriate” websites. Customers must opt out, rather than opting in, to a blocking system that is… Read More ›

Boxing Day on Bruny Island

Did everybody have a nice few days off? I haven’t had the time to check in at the old internet cafe so often, because we’ve been driving around south-eastern Tasmania, stopping only to take the occasional boat-cruise and eat seafood… Read More ›

A Christmas paean to Akismet

The comment autospamulatron we use at Hoyden About Town is Akismet. As of right now, it is reporting: “Akismet has caught 99,993 spam for you since you first installed it.” I figure that we’ll hit the 100,000 mark sometime within… Read More ›

Merry Christmas!

This was taken on our big holiday last year, in the picturesque resort town of Fagernes, Norway. I’ve been hanging out to turn it into a Xmas card ever since. Merry Christmas all of you, and thank you so much… Read More ›