Month: January 2008

Condemn it, you know you want to

Need to vent? Larvatus Prodeo has posted another in our irregular series of Open Condemnation threads (these are non-stoush threads, meant to amuse, OK?). My favourite so far: I condemn snooty MSM op-ed types that couldn’t think for themselves if… Read More ›

Brainstorming alert

I need some input on an FAQ on “rape apology” for Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog. I want to make sure that I cover all the bases and include lots of links. Any suggestions gratefully considered.


School holidays continue to fog my brain. Methinks I have a touch of the writers’ block. There’s been a lot of stuff about 1968 around, seeing as apparently many journalists laboriously counted their fingers and toes twice and realised that… Read More ›

Well, there goes Facebook then

Facebook asked to pull Scrabulous. In other news, the fossilised remains of a R.O.U.S. have been discovered in Uruguay. Image Source: CNN In other other news, CNN seems to have sacked all employees with a smidgen of grammatical nous. H/T… Read More ›