Month: January 2008


“A shape whose impossibility might have been an elegant theorem, but whose existence may be much more elegant.” – Chandler-Davis, editor-in-chief, The Mathematical Intelligencer Presenting: The Gomboc! I’m no mathematician, but this is cool. The Gomboc is the world’s first… Read More ›

Fong Gonged

The most highly paid civil servant in the country, chaplain and footy bigwig Neale Fong, has fallen off his golden Health Department perch. Fongy has been under investigation by the Crime and Corruption Commission for some months in relation to… Read More ›

One man’s persistence

is probably a large part of the reason why the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) has decided to send all its documents investigating reported UFO sightings to the National Archive where they may be readily examined by the interested public…. Read More ›

Overcoming electoral fatigue

After blogging the last election fairly comprehensively, I’ve really backed off from blogging parliamentary politics lately. I know I’ll get back into it, but I’ve needed a break. The good people at GetUp, however, have been indefatigable, holding meetings of… Read More ›