Month: March 2008

How to intimidate a personal trainer

Laugh in their face when they suggest that your target weight loss in middle age should take you to 5kg below the weight you were as a superfit teenager (competitition squash, cross-country running, speed-skating, bushwalking, bodysurfing, school softball and soccer… Read More ›

Dam that beaver

Y’know, I don’t find this offensive. It’s clever, not least in its rather pointed metacommentary on the way that advertisements for menstrual products have relied on euphemisms since forever.

Farewell, Arthur C. Clarke

Died today in Sri Lanka, aged 90. Phil Plait at the Bad Astronomy Blog has a fine tribute. I must add his Three Laws of Prediction to my quotes database: 1. When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something… Read More ›

Women in science

Two posts from PZ at Pharyngula. Firstly, a repost of a strip from the brilliant comic Non Sequiturwith a single short paragraph of commentary: You know, when you stop to think about it, this strip really isn’t that funny —… Read More ›

New Hollaback Flyer!

We have a new flyer for Hollaback Australia! Click on the screengrab to download in PDF format, and distribute far and wide. Blog buttons and printable business cards to come.

Condolences to Twisty

My condolences to Twisty on the death of her father. You really must read her magnificent post on her visit to the funeral home. Excerpts: Well, be she spinster aunt or no, I dare anybody to keep a straight face… Read More ›