Documentary, or Fragranced Toiletry Product?


I was inspired by Lush’s “Guantanamo Garden” Bath Ballistic. The fizzy, orange-and-jasmine-scented luxury bath product is orange to represent prisoner jumpsuits, and when it has finished dissolving in the bath, you will find a waterproof photo of a prisoner is inside.

And so, I bring you:

Documentary or Fragranced Toiletry Product?

Just after creating the quiz, I could still only get 95%!

Enjoy. You can click this link for the HTML version, or scroll down for a Flash version. (The Flash version seems a bit dodgy, so following the link might be the best bet. But do come back and tell us how you did!)

Addit: The answers and notes are now up here.

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  1. Well I only got 38%.

  2. 58.
    I think that probably indicates a general wishywashy wooly mindedness.
    Deborah’s last blog post..?Legal safe and rare? – what does it mean?

  3. 42.
    Pavlov’s Cat’s last blog post..Consumer overconfidence

  4. wishywashy wooly mindedness.

    That sounds more like a laundry detergent.
    Lauredhel’s last blog post..Documentary, or Fragranced Toiletry Product?

  5. I’ve never been as pleased to score 55% on a test in my life.
    Brooklynite’s last blog post..What’s a prostitute?

  6. 57%
    My quiz technique: when in doubt, choose the counterintuitive option, as they’re probably trying to trick ya
    Helen’s last blog post..Friday Dogblogging

  7. I’m a Lush junkie and a super girly girl (meaning I really like stuff that makes me smell good and makes my skin soft- not meaning afraid to kill my own spiders)
    I only got 58.
    Red Queen’s last blog post..It’s stuff like this load of crap

  8. I see no one has touched “cathouse” for their toiletry range yet. I can’t think why; it suggests both redolence AND staying power.

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