Humpday comedy spotlight: Mitchell and Webb

Regular readers are probably quite aware that I lean towards British comedy for my regular doses of the hahas. I’ve been enjoying the BBC sketch comedy That Mitchell and Webb Look on cable over the last few weeks. They’re very, very sharp. I especially like how they will suddenly drop a rapidly spoken wonderfully convoluted phrase into a simple dialogue for contrast. Here’s a few YouTubed samples of them at their best:

The SS officers: favourite line – “if we’ve learnt anything in the last thousand miles of retreat it’s that Soviet agriculture is in dire need of mechanisation”

The Hole in the Ring: Anne Robinson would have totally cracked up at this, I reckon, because it really shows how what she does is totally the opposite of mindless abuse of the contestants.

Garden Centre Natives: favourite line – “soon, fathers’ land will disappear due to retail diversification”

The Toothbrush Company: so scary

I also adore the main supporting actress for Mitchell and Webb, Olivia Colman, whom I hope will shortly be tapped for her own show. She’s done some marvellous work, especially in Green Wing. She’s a real chameleon.

Bonus: a Guardian slideshow of British comedians recreating iconic photos. Mitchell and Webb do Charles and Diana’s engagement photo.

PS. One of my favourite bits of advice for people aspiring to showbiz work (from one of the writers on Green Wing):

“Also, be polite to runners, as they are inevitably the offspring of insanely powerful producers, and will be employing you in three years time.”

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  1. There was a hilarious spoof of Weakest Link on the free to air Mitchell and Webb last week with the gratuitous offensiveness of the host ramped to the max.

  2. Yep, that’s the second one I’ve got up there. What I really liked is how incompetent at delivering the nasty lines the spoof presenter was.

  3. Oop, how embarrassment! I completely missed the other videos, it was only 8 o’clock too so I can’t blame the lateness of the hour. I quite like Sir Digby Chicken Caesar too.

  4. I’m massively puerile, it must be admitted, but “it’s funny, because it involves poo!”

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