How to intimidate a personal trainer

Laugh in their face when they suggest that your target weight loss in middle age should take you to 5kg below the weight you were as a superfit teenager (competitition squash, cross-country running, speed-skating, bushwalking, bodysurfing, school softball and soccer teams). Then do not apologise while they squirm while you explain why you laughed.

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  1. I had the great good fortune to get the opposite response from the young nutritionist who practically laughed in my face when I told her how I yearned to return to my early 30s when, although not athletically inclined, I was running round like a mad rabbit for work things and therefore at the weight most usually deemed ‘ideal’ for a woman of my (medium) build and (on the shortarse side of medium) height. Tell you what, she said, let’s just start with five kilos and see how we go.
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  2. Oh intimidate away, intimidate away. I give you a big sporty cheer for this – You Go Girl.
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  3. Ha. You know, I think that a lot of them literally don’t believe us. They are so hornswoggled by their own publicity machine that they really, truly think that (a) it is not possible to weigh over 60 kg and be fit, and that (b) that number on a scale matters, and that (c) it is a moral imperative for you to make it your top priority to be super-fit.
    Plus, women aren’t supposed to have muscles. Or, y’know, legs and stuff. Because chopping them off is the only way many people could have a hope of reaching their “ideal weight” without starving.

  4. I’d already told him that I mainly wanted to lose some abdominal fat and increase my strength and aerobic fitness, and that I didn’t care if I still had thigh saddlebags. And he still threw that weight at me!
    I’m curious about the new fandangled machines that they hook you up to which are meant to give a read-out of your body’s water content, including dividing it up into intracellular and extracellular proportions.
    My skept-o-meter is pinging wildly: just electronic snake oil?

  5. At six foot three and not-skinny, I find that my willingness to own up to how much I weigh leads to some odd conversations. Folks will say “anyone who weighs [blah] is seriously obese,” or use [blah] as a stand-in for “many many many pounds,” and I’ll note that blah is actually only thirty pounds more than I weigh (or twenty pounds less, or whatever). People on the far side of two hundred pounds so rarely talk specifics about what they weigh in public that folks on the other side of that line — even not-skinny folks — tend to just pluck figures out of the air when dealing with any number that big, and it’s good to be able to remind them that there’s, say, a big difference between 225 and 275, and that either can look and feel a variety of ways depending on the frame it’s draped on and how it’s carried.
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  6. The Rotund had a thread on weight-guessing just recently. I wish I could find the results chart. Can anyone see it?

  7. I was reading something today on that one can be fat but still be fit. Alas my memory fails me to where I found this bit of wisdom.
    I’m carry excess poundage but the fittest I’ve been for a number of years. What I am finding is that cricket is stressing my knees and legs in general. If I can shed a few kilos then that should pass. Mt PT does a good job in that regards.
    Good on ya tig. But boos for reminding me that if I’m not already middle age, it is just waiting for me around the corner.
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  8. Here’s the results of TR’s guess-my-weight game, lauredhel. The range of guesses is really amazing.
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  9. I love doing that because the weight they usually give me is within a kilo of my weight when I was a relatively skinny ten year old, before puberty; before growing breasts and expending hips, and growing in, y’know, height. Not to mention the fact that I was a ten year old who’d been in ballet classes since the age of three or four, swimming since around the same time, and had a Chinese mother who’d already been giving me hell because strangely enough, the daughter she had with a guy who was Scottish/English wasn’t a tiny little china doll. Which still makes me cranky, but explaining all that to people who’ve just told me what I should weigh cheers me up considerably, because their faces are just a vision.

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