Budget Drinking Game!

Zoe had some sort of collision with a crystal ball and ended up liveblogging Tonight’s Budget Speech last night instead. So the plan is:

  1. Print out Zoe’s post.
  2. Make a large jug of something reprehensibly alcoholic
  3. Sit in comfy chair with printed post and pencil to hand, with jug and glass in easy but stable reaching distance
  4. Switch on Lefty Mind Control Communicator Central aka Your ABC at 7:30pm to watch the Treasurer’s Speech
  5. For every fulfilled Zoe prediction, first tick the pertinent part of the post, then pour a glass and scull it
  6. Loud silly noises for every fulfilled Zoe prediction are also mandatory
  7. Laugh at the cat for looking so surprised at one’s shenanigans

Suggestions are hereby solicited for a variation on the game above to be played during Red Ken<sup1 Red Kerry’s analysis of the Budget following Swannie’s speech.

H/T Kim at LP

1. Posted in haste and my brane’s naming centre somehow channeled the recent London Mayoral election.

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5 replies

  1. Oooh, careful Tigtog. If you’re drinking spirits you’ll be plastered and if you’re drinking alcopops you’ll be broke …

  2. Oh dear.

    How did it go?

  3. Actually, I must confess that I only posted this to tempt others into perdition, as I had a birthday dinner for my baby boy (who just turned 15) to go to, where I only had one glass of wine. I got home for the last 5 minutes of Red Kerry spit-roasting Malcolm Turnbull in the Budget special after the speech, which made for some enjoyable heckling.
    TheMalcom: All they’ve done is cut money from Howard Govt programs and funnel it into their own programs
    Me: Yes? And? Your point is?
    And he’s the best the Coalition’s got. Dearie me.

  4. I was waiting for Petit Mal to articulate some sort of consistent (or even coherent) policy response when Red Kezza was having so much fun at his expense last night. I waited again this morning while listening to him on RN Breakfast.
    I reckon it’ll be a while …
    (I wish I’d read this early enough to play your drinking game, btw – it would’ve been a blast.)


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