Day: 2008-07-04

OK, I’m off (shortly)

I will be getting up very early in the morning to head off for holidays in accommodation with no net access. I Will Not Be Turning The Computer On Before I Go. There is net access at internet cafs and… Read More ›

Waterboarding Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens actually had himself waterboarded by the US Military to see whether it felt like torture to him. It did. via Pharyngula, who has links to video.


Briefly, there was a post here that I meant to forward schedule to be published next week. Apologies to all on feed-readers who may have seen it and come to comment. It will return in due course.

Friday Hoyden: Emma Thompson redux

Image Source: Reuters Caption: Austrian Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik (L) and British actor and human rights activist Emma Thompson leave a container exhibit in Vienna February 11, 2008. ‘The Journey Against Sex Trafficking’ uses seven transport containers to illustrate the… Read More ›