Thomas Beatie gives birth to healthy baby daughter


Thomas Beatie, the pregnant man who had everyone chattering about his challenge to their notions of gender fixedness, has given birth to a healthy daughter.

Thomas, a transman, decided to become pregnant by artificial insemination. His wife Nancy was unable to carry a pregnancy because she had had a hysterectomy in the past. You can see a bit of his interview with Oprah here on Youtube.

Congratulations to Thomas and Nancy – enjoy your babymoon!

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  1. I think this may be one of the best examples ever of having it both ways

  2. I got to the line “The thinly-bearded Thomas Beatie” and had to go have a rant to my SO about the absolutely exasperating hilarity of the insinuation that a “real” man is defined by the bushiness of his facial hair. Because it’s not like I know easily half a dozen “real” guys who don’t shave for a week and merely end up looking slightly fuzzy.

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