Day: 2008-08-10

From the reading pile: Barrayar (contains spoilers)

I’m enjoying “Barrayar” right now, from Lois McMaster Bujold, and I thought I’d share an excerpt. Bujold is a keen observer of human interactions, and readers with complicated medical problems might relate to some of this.

Commander Cordelia Naismith (also known as Lady Vorkosigan), a former Betan military commander, is in a doctor’s office on Barrayar. She is being checked out after a series of traumatic experiences.

Friday Hoyden*: Michelle Gomez

Gomez is an actor I’ve enjoyed watching for some time, and when I read that she had chosen to play Katharine in a new RSC staging of The Taming of the Shrew I wondered why on earth she had agreed to be in that monstrously misogynist play, whose enduring popularity relies solely on the comedy fireworks in the early scenes between Petruchio and Kate, and the ability of the Kate to gloss over the humiliations she receives. I was disappointed by the idea that Gomez’s glorious abilities in physical comedy were going to be used simply to mask the horror of Katherine’s annihilation yet again. I should have had more faith.

Canine femininity on Etsy: the “Sassy Wench Corseted Dog Dress”

When you’ve had enough of dressing your newborn in leopard-print high-heeled shoes for shits and giggles, what’s next?

Well, why not start on your dog? If it’s a boy dog, of course, you’ve already got your Neuticles Ultra Plus (now with Epididymis!). But if it’s a girl dog, the Etsy Pampered Pooch Boutique has just the thing for those moments when you’re mortified by blundersome passersby asking “Is it a boy dog or a girl dog?” Avoid those gender-neutral faux-pas and announce your pooch’s vulva-possession to the whole world. Just because she’s spayed doesn’t mean she can’t be feminine.