Canine femininity on Etsy: the “Sassy Wench Corseted Dog Dress”

When you’ve had enough of dressing your newborn in leopard-print high-heeled shoes for shits and giggles, what’s next?

Well, why not start on your dog? If it’s a boy dog, of course, you’ve already got your Neuticles Ultra Plus (now with Epididymis!). But if it’s a girl dog, the Etsy Pampered Pooch Boutique has just the thing for those moments when you’re mortified by blundersome passersby asking “Is it a boy dog or a girl dog?” Avoid those gender-neutral faux-pas and announce your pooch’s vulva-possession to the whole world. Just because she’s spayed doesn’t mean she can’t be feminine.

How about the pampered-princess look? You could start with this Pink And Black Polka Dot Halter Style Dog Dress.

This adorable lightweight harness/dress is perfect for those hot summer days. Features 2 adorable polka dot fabrics, ruffle bottom, halter style collar, satin bows and D-ring for leash.


But a dress really doesn’t work without complementary jewellery. Pair the pink dress with a Pearl and Angel Pendant Dog Necklace with Swarovski crystals to complete the look.


Or if the polka-dot look isn’t quite your style, choose an alternative look. Try this Sassy Wench Corseted Dog Dress, green and denim with black lace trim.


Accessorise the canine corset with this whimsical enamelled pink-and-purple Skull Pendant Pet Necklace, and voila! The full Suicide Girls look can be yours.


And if you”ll excuse me, I need to go take a shower.

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5 replies

  1. Oh, you did warn me yesterday. The pink-polka dot thing could just possibly get away with some hipster-irony take when placed on a poodle. The corset thing is just outright femme fetishisation.

  2. Yeeeuuuwww.
    Deborahs last blog post..I’ll do the dirty work

  3. Just the other day I was talking with my dog about how lucky she is that she doesn’t have to worry about patriarchy. I should have known better.

  4. Erk. That’s just…*shudders*
    Apart from anything else, if it’s a hot summer day why the hell would you be putting ANY clothing on your poor dog?
    mimbless last blog post..Him

  5. Erg…looks like fetish wear for zoophiles. 😦

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