Day: 2008-08-06

How more vile (and thick (and don’t forget vile)) can McCain possibly be?

He pimped his wife to voters as a potential contestant in a local “beauty contest” that involves skimpy swimwear, topless parades and simulated sex acts – (edited to addwhich to be fair I’m sure he didn’t know was quite so “risque”, but it’s still totally objectifying his wife). (Video here of both McCain’s “quip” and a typical night’s entertainment in the contest) As I’m sure you’ll all

Whoydensday: when fans attack edition

NOTE: Spoiler Free Zone for later episodes of the Doctor Who 2008 Season – Australia has only just seen the Sontaran Double Episodes 4.04 The Sontaran Stratagem and 4.05 The Poison Sky. Everything prior to that is fair game. Torchwood Season 2 is entirely off limits for spoilers here too, please (We can always have another fans attack edition later in the year) – we do have a thoroughly spoiled Season 4 Finale thread still open though – feel free.

So, it keeps on happening (the image below recurs in various adaptations all over the ihasatardis LJ community):

What’s been your most jarring WTF moments? Conversely, what’s only crept up on you later, upon reflection or reading someone else’s take? On the gripping hand, what fan-attacks have struck you as totally unwarranted?


So. Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ll know that Google StreetView has now indexed Australia. At first I thought it was only the cities – I idly looked up my place (feeling vaguely uncomfortable), and some places I lived growing up, and had a peek at the Perth CBD.

Then I realised they’ve also photographed a fair whack of the countryside, too. And not just the easy parts. They didn’t stint on crossing the Nullarbor: