Day: 2009-01-18

Douchebag of the Year – already? The kidney or the bill.

Panty-sniffing surgeon Dr Richard Batista, Long Island surgeon, has had a messy breakup with his wife Dawnell.

Just how messy this is going to get is anyone’s guess. He accuses her of infidelity and denying him time with their children. She says he was paranoid – right down to undie-checks for evidence of an affair – and never denied access.

He donated a kidney to her eight years ago, when a pregnancy-related illness made it necessary and he turned out to be a match. Around that time, their marriage was going bad. Four years ago, Dawnell Batista filed for divorce.

Post-Holiday Linkdump

I’m back from holiday! Not quite back on board and blogging up a storm, but I thought I’d linkdump for some Sunday night reading for you.

One of our fellow Best Midsize Blog finalists, Zomblog, is surprised and/or confused that some Muslim people are also gay activists. (Comments warning.) This rainbow-flavoured button reads “Allah is Good/Allah is Gay/Gay Islam”.

allah is good allah isgay rainbow button