Post-Holiday Linkdump

I’m back from holiday! Not quite back on board and blogging up a storm, but I thought I’d linkdump for some Sunday night reading for you.

One of our fellow Best Midsize Blog finalists, Zomblog, is surprised and/or confused that some Muslim people are also gay activists. (Comments warning.) This rainbow-flavoured button reads “Allah is Good/Allah is Gay/Gay Islam”.

allah is good allah isgay rainbow button


This multicoloured swirled soap, by GrumpyGirl at Etsy, is gorgeous. GORGEOUS.



Tiltshiftmaker will transform your real-life photos into scenes that look like miniatures. (via Ponderance.) Here’s Puffing Billy (original here.)


WA’s top baby names for 2008. If you’re Ella, Emma, Chloe, Mia, Sophie, Charlotte, Lily, Isabella, Sienna, Ava, or Matilda; or Jack, Joshua, Riley, Ethan, Oliver, William, Lachlan, Thomas, Lucas, Samuel, or Jacob; and you’re starting school in 2013: expect to have to use your family name as well, or lose your belongings.



Baby meerkats. OMG, baby meerkats! At the Perth Zoo, via Zooborns.



Cambias at Zygote Games (Science Made Cool) talks about the discovery of methane on Mars. Is the evidnece mounting for past (or current) Martian life? (While you’re there, check out Bone Wars: The Game of Ruthless Paleontology. Especially if you have a dino-geek kid.)


The “Women’s Studies student sells her virginity” story is everywhere. (See Shakesville, for example.) Commenters at the West got in on the act, and not in a good way:

Where is the hairy armpit group? if this was a man he would be charged with something. […]

She will know for the rest of her life that she was a hooker. She and everyone around her will know this. So she places herself at the bottom of the ladder of society. From the numbnuts guys who want to pay her. I have no respect. Cant they get a normal one? […]

A lifetime is a long time for regrets. I won’t be marrying an whore of any kind. […]

I have no problems with it, but who honestly would pay so much money to have sex with her?? Go down to the local pub, buy about 5 drinks for a girl and she’s yours (there are so many girls out there that have such low standards with sex that you don’t need to woo them anymore, they wear clothes to identify themselves as cheap and easy … not sure why you would use prostitutes or pay $5.5 million for sex anymore, when around $20 you can have so many girls in a night club)


Bad Cripple talks about the inaccessibility of the Inauguration, and of other Obama campaign events: “Obama: A Party Pooper“:

When I read about the lack of access at the upcoming inauguration I yawned, shrugged my shoulders, and thought what else is new. Last year I tried to attend Obama campaign events and quickly learned wheelchair access was not a priority. When I contacted the local Obama campaign office I was told wheelchair access was beyond their control–it was not their job. The campaign directed me to contact the facility where the event was held to determine if it were indeed accessible. After much research and a great deal of time spent on hold I never was able to find out about wheelchair access for any event. The few people I spoke to stated that they would get back to me about access. No one ever contacted me and subsequent emails went unanswered. By the time the campaign ended I was convinced that Obama and his staff wrote great position and policy papers about disability. In theory, Obama understood disability. In contrast, providing physical access for people with disabilities was not a priority or concern.


Last but not least, Renee at Womanist Musings writes “Go Ahead Say Nigger“:

It seems that having the ability to say nigger is all that whiteness is envious of. When was the last time you heard someone who is white complain that they were not over represented in prisons, or subject more often to the racist death penalty? How about begging to get that wonderful substandard education that is offered in ghetto school? OOOH, I know whiteness wants to be subjected to racism everyday, because it is oh so very envious of black people. Perhaps they would like to live with the knowledge that their sons are more likely to die from violence than go to college.


That’s all folks. Have a great Sunday.

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3 replies

  1. Hello,
    Just wandered onto your post while searching for advertisement on yogurt… and i am horrified to see this badge saying ‘Allah is gay’… absurd really… this is so unfair to twist religion according to one’s personal believes… as a Muslim, and from a religion Islam which is being portrayed in the worst possible way by fellow Muslims, i am shocked to see that people can go this far to make fun of their religion and degrade it so… sigh!!!!

  2. Mahwash: why do you say that the word “gay” is “degrading” and a “worst possible” portrayal?

  3. The comments over at ZomBlog make my head hurt.
    Mawash: “..While searching for an advertisement on yogurt” … really? That must have been an interesting search. As for the button, I doubt that the person was attempting to degrade their religion, instead trying to suggest that gay people are not the evil that so many seem to think

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