Day: 2009-01-10

What the fuck, Catholic Church? War on Schnitzels

djerassiOK, “What the fuck, Catholic Church?” is like shooting fish in a barrel. But here it is, anyway. The next instalment in my “What the fuck?” series.

Roman Catholic doctors and cardinals are wetting their pants with glee over the fact that an 85 year old chemist who contributed to the original synthesis of norethisterone has now “confessed”, “recanted”, or whatever

Otterday, and Open Thread

These Cape clawless otters were photographed on the Uitsig Peninsula in South Africa. Read more at the Zandvlei Trust, which does environmental work along the False Bay Coast wetlands, near Cape Town.


Tigtog and I are both going to be more family-focussed for the next week or two, so Hoyden About Town will be a bit quiet for a while. Please feel free