Month: November 2009

Happy Birthday to OTOOS

150 years for Mr Darwin’s Big Idea! I’m rather attracted to the idea of this special edition: Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species: A Graphic Adaptation.

Does Twilight deserve any “feminist defence”?

There’s been so much criticism levelled at fans of the Twilight series of supernatural romance novels (as the publicity machine has cranked up for the release of the second film in the franchise) that feminist hackles are rising, because the criticism tends to be along the lines of “See! We told you women are just stupid! Look at what they’re doing now!”

Blind folks can’t use

There’s a Do Not Call register, hosted by the Australian Government, at You can, in theory, register your home or mobile number with the register; “responsible” telemarketers then compare their shonkily-obtained “lists” with the Do Not Call register, and,… Read More ›