Update: Sydney Same Sex Marriage Rally, November 28th

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Just a reminder that Sydney Hoydenizens will be meeting this Saturday, November 28th, in order to attend a rally in support of same-sex marriage.

The rally begins at 1pm, and we will meet at Cafe Rosso, on the ground floor of the Galleries Victoria (opposite the QVB on George St) beforehand. I will be there from 11:45am, and anyone who wants to join me for brunch is welcome to turn up then! However, we will wait there until 12:45pm, for anyone who wants to turn up later, and at that point, we will mosey over to Town Hall to join the rally. If you are so inclined, you can RSVP over at Facebook.

I am going to attempt to make some sort of banner, saying something along the lines of “Hoyden About Town supports Marriage-Equality” — it probably won’t be anything fancy, but it should be enough for those of you who haven’t attended a meetup before to recognise us (if somebody does feel up to making a fancier banner, then please let me know!).
I’ve made a banner to help us find each other; you can see it in the top right-hand corner of this post.

After the rally, we’ll likely head to the pub for a couple of drinks.

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  1. Facebook doesn’t seem to like me trying to post to the event wall (keeps on giving me a captcha and reloads it again and again when I submit, must think I’m a robot or something).
    I won’t be able to make it as I have a meeting every last Saturday of the month which I completely forgot about. Have been promoting the rallies as much as I can though. Some of you may be interested in a national event link which you can share with people from other states: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=159932812365

  2. We’re still good to go. Brunch sounds like a good plan Beppie, we’ll see you at the cafe!
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    • It’s a start. ABC Online: Gay couple ties knot in ceremony

      Australia’s first legally binding civil partnership ceremony has been held in Canberra.
      The Legislative Assembly passed a Greens bill earlier this month allowing gay couples to recognise their relationship with a legal ceremony.
      Warren McGaw and Chris Rumble – who have been together for nearly 20 years – celebrated their civil partnership at the Old Parliament House rose gardens this afternoon.
      They say they are excited to be the first couple to take advantage of the legislation.
      “We thought we’d take this opportunity not only for gay couples Australia wide … but just for human rights,” Mr McGaw said.
      “I think the majority of Australians are behind us.”

  3. Brunch sounds excellent – see you there!

  4. I may be there for brunch, but will probably just aim to be at the cafe at about 12:30. Thanks for organising this, Beppie!

  5. Just a reminder that the Melbourne rally starts 1pm in front of the State Library. Wish I hadn’t read the letters in today’s paper. Biological determinism fail.

  6. We’re away this weekend, so I can’t go, damnit.
    Have fun, be loud. 🙂

  7. I’ll be going to the Adelaide rally – 11am at Parliament House. If any other Hoydenizens want to join me, drop me a line and we’ll arrange a meeting place. I use hotmail, and my handle is dfr141

  8. The Perth rally starts at 2pm outside London Court. I might see some of you there.

  9. Does anyone know the Sydney rally plans, ie, is it staying at Town Hall? The forecast tomorrow is for fairly hot weather and I’m trying to prepare. There’s probably no preparation that will let me stay standing in direct high afternoon sun though. (I’m well into third trimester pregnancy, it’s heavy and hot going…)

  10. Mary, I just sent an email off to the organisers asking them that question — I’ll let you know when/if I hear back from them.

  11. Okay– the first part of the rally is speeches at Town Hall, then there will be a march through the city, which will loop back around to Town Hall for more speeches and an illegal wedding ceremony.
    If anyone doesn’t feel up to marching, I’m sure it would be fine to simply hang out around the Town Hall area while the actual march is on, and to join back up with us afterwards.

  12. We’ll see how the kids are holding up, too much marching may end in tears – mine no doubt! Not that I’m so very keen on lots of walking in very hot weather either, but at least I won’t whinge and fight with my siblings 😛

  13. Yes, well, it looks like wind and rain here in Adelaide, and my partner is (in)conveniently away, so my three girls will be coming with me. They’re happy with my reasons for wanting to go along to the rally, but I always feel dubious about children on protest marches. However, not so dubious that I won’t take them with me.

  14. Getting ready to head out the door shortly, looking forward to brunch. Am bringing an umbrella to use as a parasol.

  15. A brief report from the Adelaide rally: A day for rainbows
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