Month: November 2009


I had heard nothing about this project at all. Sir Ian is playing Number 2, who apparently will wear a consistent face throughout the series, unlike the original, where Number 2 wore 17 faces.

Sydney Opera House Accessibility Upgrade

It’s an amazing improvement from the previous wheelchair access through the kitchens and utility tunnels, and it’s good to finally see it happen since it was planned in 2003. Major architectural changes to landmark buildings aren’t built in a day, I guess.

Yes, that is an advertisment

After much to-ing and fro-ing on the matter of accepting ads to cover the costs of this site (readers have been generous with donations, but if I can cover the costs without asking you to dip into your pockets, I’ll be happier with that).

Alas, poor geocities: I knew it well

I know, I’m several weeks late on this. Just catching up on the news that Yahoo has pulled the plug on geocities last month does give me a pang. Although I never actually made myself a geocities page, having fallen in with net-purists at a very early stage of my online habit: they scoffed, and thus so did I. Still, those blinkenlight pages were an important stage in the evolution of electronic self-publishing.