Day: 2009-12-16

How not to write to a blogger

I guarantee you that your jaw did not just drop as far as mine did when I first read that. Yeah, I can totally see how he’s really loving our blog and is utterly captivated by our style of writing and the subjects we choose to write about. Yay for the females!

A False Sense of Security

“The internet filter will not protect kids from nasty things on the net, but will instead give parents a false sense of security leading to the very outcomes that they are trying to prevent”.

New site (seeking writers)

Independent Girls is seeking writers to generate original content for the website and weekly newsletters. Writers will identify, research, and write about topics and trends salient to and in a style that appeals to and engages 9-15 year old girls […] Articles should answer questions girls have (or perhaps questions girls didn’t even know that they had) and an additional emphasis should be placed on developing the critical thinking skills.