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I (along with probably quite a few other feminist bloggers) received an email from the Associate Editor of this new site. I like the goals.

Who are we? is all about giving girls ages 9-15 a safe place online where you can learn, think, ask questions, and meet other girls dealing with the same issues you’re dealing with. We want to give you the tools to be self-confident, independent, and successful.

independent girls

The site (which has not yet been officially launched) seems well planned, although the bright colours are a bit much for me (also it would be nice to see at least one of the silhouette figures reading a book rather than dancing or jumping, or maybe a wheelchair dancer?). They’ve got forums and a private community area, a role-model of the week (so far are all very interesting women but the bias is heavily academia/business – I hope there’s some more diversity planned for these role models beyond the professional classes (although at least the women are ethnically diverse) and it’s very US-centric so far too) and a Her Story feature series, and integrated polls. But in order to engage the readers they want to reach, they need writers.

Independent Girls is seeking writers to generate original content for the website and weekly newsletters. Writers will identify, research, and write about topics and trends salient to and in a style that appeals to and engages 9-15 year old girls; this includes (but is in no way limited to) self-image, puberty, healthy relationships, bullying/cyberbullying, feminism, nutrition, exercise, stress management, goal setting, leadership, community involvement and organizing, cliques and popularity, frenemies, peer pressure, financial independence, popular culture critique, media literacy, and internet safety. (There are *many* other topics that can and should be explored; original ideas are encouraged.) Articles should answer questions girls have (or perhaps questions girls didn’t even know that they had) and an additional emphasis should be placed on developing the critical thinking skills.

Articles should be between 250-500 words long, and some topics may need to be covered in a series of articles or in ongoing editorial columns. (Creative ideas are encouraged too, like a serialized comic.)

If you are interested in this opportunity, send me an email at mandyvandeven [AT] letting me know what ideas you may have for contributing. Compensation is determined per article and will be based on both the length of the article and how ready for publication it is upon receipt by Independent Girls.

I particularly like that they want an emphasis placed on critical thinking skills. More sites for young people should do this (more media for all people should do this!).

So if you, or someone you know, wants to write for the upcoming generation of independent women (and help their tribe increase), here’s a site that you could maybe be a founding voice on. If you’ve always wanted to be a paid writer, this could be a foot in the door.

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