How not to write to a blogger

Hi [name(s) I found on the About page]

Even though I am not [descriptor that superficially relates to first impression of blog, complete with self-deprecating one-line anecdote] I have to say I really loving your blog. I just finished [activity vaguely related to subject of current post at top of blog] so found your article [title of current post at top of blog] Very interesting indeed.

My client [name of client company and URL for online interactive game/quiz/poll or whatever they are running where people can win $dollars]

We are hoping that your readers (and you for that matter) will take the challenge and [click through to this interactive thingy]

Please take a moment and check out the campaign landing page [blah promo blah peppered with poor attempts at witty banter blah promo blah]

Please contact me directly by email or on the numbers below to discuss this further.

Geoffrey Emerson
Managing Director
The Prosperity Principal

In this case, here was his first line to the bloggers of Hoyden About Town:

Hi Tigtog & lauredhel,

Even though I am not a female (depending on who you talk to of course, my son calls me a big girl) I have to say I really loving your blog.

I guarantee you that your jaw did not just drop as far as mine did when I first read that. Yeah, I can totally see how he’s really loving our blog and is utterly captivated by our style of writing and the subjects we choose to write about. Yay for the females!

At least he’s upfront that this is marketing a product for a client, so he does seem to have learnt something about the ethics of disclosure since August. Doesn’t seem to have learnt much else though.

Would you recommend this outfit to any company as offering any sort of useful social media strategy?

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7 replies

  1. LOLSOB.
    “Even though I’m not a woman, I do think it’s perfectly fine and lulzy to use the term ‘girl’ as an insult, so HELP ME SELL MY STUFF.”

  2. Hee. I’m glad you posted this here.
    What a clueless twonk.

  3. Hello person I have never met.
    Despite the fact that I haven’t actually read your blog and am going to offend you three different ways before I actually get to my point, plx help me sell stuff for someone who is paying me to do this.
    That’s my prosperity principle.
    *sigh* Seriously? *sigh*

  4. I slogged through the comments on that Mumbrella thread … OH MY GOD the obliviousness! I know, I know, it’s like horrible penis-enlargement spam, there’s got to be *someone* out there who clicks the link or buys the product or falls for the scam, and if all else fails there’s the lovely cut-throat “all attention is good attention” ideology … but Jesus wept, that’s so disingenuous it makes my brain hurt.

  5. What I love is when I get emails from these idiots saying how much they love my blog and read it all the time and then they address it… wait for it… it is a doozy…
    Dear Meh.
    When MY NAME is on the byline of every post.
    Makes me chortle all the way to ‘mark as spam’

  6. Ha ha ha!
    Based on the template you made, I was sure the Random Half-Assedly Personalized Spam Comment was going to start out “I’m not a feminist, but I really love your blog!”
    “I’m not a female” is so much better. Ten times the cluelessness, and bad grammar to boot. Priceless.

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