Quick Hit: Go on, admit that you secretly find Tony Abbott sexy.

Well, according to Janet Albrechtsen you do.  Apparently, even his political stances that we despise can’t conquer the fact that we all really want a “Fit and50-something, the runner, cyclist and former boxer in a pair of Speedos with a “love rug””.  Will this translate into votes? That remains to be seen.

File this under: things I never knew, or even suspected (and suspect may not be true at all).

ETA:   Liberal Opposition Leaders: Brendan Nelson, Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott.  Who would you Marry/Shag/Throw off a Cliff ?

For those readers who would prefer Liberal front bench ladies to choose from I give you: Julie Bishop, Sophie Mirabella and Bronwyn Bishop. Who would you Marry/Shag/Throw off a Cliff ?

 H/T to Lady Grey in comments.

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  1. Well, that sent a chill down my spine on a stinking hot day! Thanks for that!

  2. I recall reading about arguments being made against women’s suffrage to that effect. Women are far to simple to vote according to policy or the like and will just vote for the better looking fellow, likely because women are just so frivolous! The silly dears.
    For my vote I’d shag Rudd, marry Brown and throw Abbott off a cliff 🙂

  3. Does the urge to throw up count?
    Didn’t know that meant sexual attraction – i’ve been doing it wrong!

  4. I find KRudd more appealing than the Mad Monk. I guess that is pretty sad in itself …

  5. “Liberal Opposition Leaders: Brendan Nelson, Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott. ”
    Shag Nelson, marry Turnbull, chuck Abbott (love rug and all) off a cliff.
    In playing this game the other day at home, Sophie Mirabella got chucked off a cliff (but we had new member for Higgins Kelly O’Dwyer, who is like a young Bronwyn, rather than Julie Bishop).

  6. Hot day!!??
    Its 47 degrees outside at the moment.
    Who would I have sexual relations with among that lot?
    Well the fellas are out cos thats not my thing.
    My criteria in the past included such as, in no particular order, intelligence, personality, shared values and ethics and er, ‘oomph’ factor.
    And I was lucky enough to get someone who scored 10 on all of the above to condescend to spend the last 30 plus years with me.
    Now by comparison the above lot score a total of …well, not much at all.
    Ah but if you look at the other party from the POV of my criteria , then there are some real candidates, Julia for example, Tanya, and someone who really appeals to me Penny.
    If Rove asked me his question who would you change sides for [whatever the wording] I’d say Penny.

  7. I must say, Albrechtsen aside (and I’m not targeting you here, but other commentators), I’ve been pretty irritated by the media/bloggy focus on Abbott’s body hair as a target for jeering and mockery. He has hair. Bodies grow hair. It’s not ok (and moreover it’s a big giant distraction) to ridicule him for being a mammal any more than it’s ok to ridicule women for not depilating everything below the scalp.
    I’m not ok with M/S/C with real people, and won’t participate.

  8. 17 different layers of ewwww.

  9. Seconded, orlando.

  10. It’s not that Tony Abbott is hairy, it’s how it’s portrayed as making him a more “manly” man and I found his stance in the infamous speedos photo quite aggressive, in a way that say Tom Selleck never was (that I remember). It put me in mind of young bucks posturing against each other while the alpha male watches but does nothing. I suppose in many ways TA is a young buck leadership wise and is keen to assert his capability. It’s the “women will find the aggression sexy” meme that I find disturbing. I don’t look at that photo and think “strong male, good genes” I think ” protect offspring at all costs”.

  11. I thought it was pretty well established that there is no such thing as “what women find sexy” – we each have our own personal preferences, that may overlap more or less with others’ preferences. What I find sexy is conditioned very strongly on personality and opinions (where TA loses big-time with me) so I suspect I’d find him slimy even if I thought he was physically attractive, which I don’t.

  12. In keeping with the theme of my latest LP post, it would be marry Turnbull, who fought for good principles and lost, cliff Nelson, because he sold out on pretty good principles and lost anyway, which sadly leaves Abbott to shag, who has terrible principles but at least fights for them.

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