Month: December 2009

Xmas Day Open Thread

Note: There will be a 100% Christmas-free Otterday Open Thread tomorrow. Please keep all the Christmas chat to here. This thread is for those who celebrate Christmas and/or don’t mind chatter about it. What are you up to? How’s the… Read More ›

The holiday hiatus seems to have snuck up on us

There will probably still be the occasional post over the next few weeks, but I think we’re mostly either horrendously busy or already enjoying a holiday. There will definitely be, at the appropriate times, an open Dr Who (Ten’s Finale) Open Thread for those of you who catch up with it as soon as it’s broadcast in the UK, and an occasional Femmostroppo Reader.

Otterday! and Open Thread.

Well, mongooseeses are honorary otters, aren’t they? Please tell me they are. This baby banded mongoose is part of a litter of six at Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. Presumably not the petting zoo. Via Zooborns. Please feel free to use… Read More ›