Thursday Cheezburger: Holiday Kittehs, Bonus Triple Edition.

I celebrate Christmas, so my cheezes for today are themed accordingly.

cats singing Hark the herald angels sing, Glory to the Burger King

black cat glaring with holly in its mouth, capped Deck the Halls with barfed up holly

miffed looking ginger cat with Santa hat on its head, capped Bah Humbug

Post your own favourite Holiday or Curmudgeonly Holiday-Avoidance LOLcritter here, and wait for admin image magic to make it appear. Feel free to present LOLs about the holiday of your choice, or about your dislike of bl*nket holiday coverage. Is there something you’d rather be doing?

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(Editor note: I’m stunned that I had to munge bl*nket to minimise getting bandwidth-hogging hits from people looking for g*fts for their p*ts. This is not the website you are looking for)

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4 replies

  1. see more Lolcats and funny pictures
    As for what I’m not doing, but will be:
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  2. {sings}Santa Paws is coming…
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    see more dog and puppy pictures

  3. …to tow-ow-ow-own!!!
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