Gratuitous David Tennant blogging

Because the Guardian has a t’riffic article about the end of his Doctor Who era, so why not?

two panels showing David Tennant wearing a dark coat with red piping on the collar - in one shot he looks straight to camera, in the other he has drawn the collar up with one hand to cover his chin, mouth and nose, with just his eyes staring straight out at you

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  1. tigtog, tigtog, tigtog. Speak of Tennant blogging not this way. David Tennant blogging could never be gratuitous! And that’s a great article. 🙂

  2. Always did have a weakness for those big-eyed, poetic types.
    Wish I’d seen his Hamlet.

  3. Those are some very pretty pictures indeed! 🙂

  4. From troll-wrangling[Moderator note: this commentor
    is morphing their identity here.]
    Good article on the end of an era
    A Doctor Who feminist aside: I think people are gentler on former Doctor William Hartnell than they would be had he lived into the era of organised fandom – according to people like Nick Courtney, Hartnell held a number of racist/xenophobic and anti Semitic views – after the social changes of the 1970s these views would have seemed pretty toxic and it is easy to see Hartnell facing harsh criticism from both fandom and others in the wider public in the 1980s and 90s had he lived

  5. I didn’t know that about Hartnell, but it’s always a risk with actors – that they can be such different people from the characters they portray. In fact, sometimes it’s the tension between what an actor really believes and what their character represents that makes them interesting to watch – that inner conflict comes through (even when the audience doesn’t know what in particular is causing it) and it adds layers to their representation.
    Anyway, Auntie Beeb has release pics of the new logo for DW in 2010 – I really like the design touches in this.

  6. Oh great, I need new panties now. *happy sigh*

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