Tony Abbott – the man your PM should be (Old Spice) parody

If you haven’t seen the Old Spice ad that this is parodying spend some time here. Then watch this.

H/T to Myriad74 on LP

Bugger, can’t get the link to work. Go here.

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  1. Need to choose a width less than 600px when embedding media in future, that’s all.
    I like these parodies.

  2. Thanks Tigtog, I will know next time. I like them too, cleverly done.

  3. Who is Mel Gibson yelling at in reality? This is kinda awful. I mean the mashup is great, but I find it really hard to laugh at the bits where he’s screaming since it appears to be at a real person.

    • I think that the raw hatred in Gibson’s rantings is so disturbing that many of us have the impulse to take refuge in some black humour aimed at him instead of really thinking about what he is doing.
      Some people have purported to find the act of his ex in recording him to be in some way a form of entrapment, as if she manipulated him into the abuse. Bullshit – he’s got a recent history of going absolutely ballistic at the drop of a hat with strangers; from everything I’ve read this makes him more, not less, likely to go ballistic with intimates. She needed proof of what he was inflicting on her, and good on her for getting it.

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