Abbott-watch redux

I’m sick to the back teeth of the MSM coverage of this campaign descending into trivial gossip about Labor rifts and rivalries between Team Gillard, Team Rudd and Teams-in-waiting Combet and Shorten. That has its place for the history books, but right now it’s just a distraction from what the Government’s policy platforms are, and how they stack up against what the Opposition has to offer.

So, I want to know what bloody Abbott is up to, and highlight just how awful its implications (no doubt) will be.

Who’s with me?

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  1. The way the mainstream media has been behaving has made me sick to my stomach. They’re tearing down the Labor government and being very, very easy on the Liberals. It’s such an egregious bias it makes me so fucking sick. How anyone can see Abbott as anything but a dangerous rightwing fundie really bewilders me.
    I keep hoping that shit straightens out but I don’t know how it will if the media keeps soft-pawing Liberal and attacking Labor so savagely. I’m freakin’ out, man.

    • Tony Wright in the SMH: Tony shoots fish in a barrel, avoids foot

      Tony Abbott’s week began well when he survived the only leaders’ debate of the election campaign without blowing himself up.
      In the strange world of politics, opposition leaders who are judged not to have caused themselves harm in such events are considered to have won, even if the worm – as usual – turns against them.

  2. I’m with you.
    I just want some positive election campaigning, instead of these relentless, negative attack ads. All the ads seem to say is “The world is a horrible, terrible place and we suck less than those people we’re opposing, who really really suck and here’s all the really bad things they’ve ever done.” What I want to see is something that says “This is how we’re going to make the world better, the future’s going to be great”.
    But maybe I’m expecting too much.
    Also I’m really miffed that Mr Abbott wants to abolish marine parks. I didn’t think he could get much worse.

  3. Completely agree. We all have to do more to expose the Coalition frauds.

  4. The problem, in terms of messages that will stick with people open to persuasion, is that it’s not enough to just find something (lots of things) that the Coalition is doing wrong. Negative campaigning makes people turn off. We need to find something that Labor is doing right in order to counter that wrongheadedness, and sell that as hard as we can.
    The bigger problem is that the team running the Labor campaign is being so risk-averse that they’re giving supporters nothing compelling to point to as a better alternative.

  5. KR nice to see you on TPS as well. Agree we have to do more to expose those frauds.
    here’s my contribution and please share.

  6. I’m getting very very scared. Tony Abbot as PM seems like more of a possibility every day.

  7. My takeaway from this image is that Abbott is dead fishy.
    I laughed so much the cat fell off my lap.

  8. Oh sorry kitty! 😀
    I think you’ll identify with this tweet
    BridgetOFlynn Julie Bishop will be circling the globe as
    OUR FOREIGN MINISTER if Coal win. We will be a laughing stock. #ausvotes

  9. This announcement seems to have made barely a ripple in the news, but teamed with the announcement that the Coalition will put marine reserves on hold for re-evaluation, this idea of an Independent Environmental Commissioner just looks like an excuse to block any environmental program that could possibly upset established interests.

  10. Helen
    Surely nothing could be more embarrassing than Tone bounding on to a stage, arms waving madly (circa Hey Hey) to meet Barack Obama.

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