Month: September 2010

Less than 2 weeks left to rate favourite Oz films for IF awards

… it’s a timely reminder that now is the time to make your opinion count in terms of the latest Australian films that are contenders for awards. For those concerned with social justice and media representations of marginalised groups, it’s an excellent opportunity to vote up films with diverse and inclusive casts and storylines.

Are we there yet?

They reckon something might happen today.

Update: Katter has gone with the Coalition – it’s now 74 seats each.
Update: Windsor and Oakeshott have gone with Labor – we have a Gillard government.

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“The formula for understanding women”

…unlike the man speaking (who of course is fully entitled to hold and change his individual preferences as an autonomous adult) and the men listening to him, a woman should apparently not ever have different preferences and priorities from other women, and certainly should not ever adjust her preferences and priorities at any time according to changes in knowledge and/or circumstances. And if she does…