Abbott: A Labor/Green alliance spells doom

a red/white/blue poster done in the style of the Barack Obama "Audacity of Hope" posters. The image is of Tony Abbott, and in block letters underneath, it says "NOPE"

Tony Abbott "NOPE" poster

Doom, I tell you!

per The Hun: Tony Abbott’s last-ditch bid to kingmakers

Mr Abbott, in an open letter to the independents has pledged to form the most country-orientated government since World War II.

He warned the independents they would damage the country’s social fabric if they supported Labor.

“A Labor/Green alliance spells doom for regional Australia’s economic base,” he said. “The slightest move towards Green defence and foreign policies would put the American alliance at risk.

“By cutting funding for independent schools, abolishing the private health insurance rebate, and end(ing) offshore processing of illegal boat people, it would damage the social fabric too.”

Pushing us towards more compassionate and egalitarian outcomes would damage our social fabric? Sounds like a fabric that needs to be rewoven to me, if so.

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  1. Ooh, you forgot something: doom song.

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    • Mindy, I changed the stylesheet to improve the links (making them all always underlined for a start) over the weekend. If you’re not seeing that then your browser is using old cookies that are still calling the old stylesheet. You might need to dump your browser-cache.

  3. What a surprise it’s me (closet Luddite) that’s the problem! Okay, I think I know how to do that.

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