Less than 2 weeks left to rate favourite Oz films for IF awards

logo and tagline from the website for the inside film (IF) awards for Australian Films - Love it? Hate it? Rate it!This was brought to my attention by some marketing being done to encourage people to vote for the newly released Tomorrow When The War Began so that it will be eligible for an IF Award, but it’s a timely reminder that now is the time to make your opinion count in terms of the latest Australian films that are contenders for awards. For those concerned with social justice and media representations of marginalised groups, it’s an excellent opportunity to vote up films with diverse and inclusive casts and storylines.

Tomorrow When The War Began is the latest in what has been an outstanding year for Australian film with cinema audiences really embracing home grown productions. The IF Awards gives cinema goers a voice about the films they’ve seen. With less than two weeks to go until ratings for the 2010 awards close, this is the final chance for film fans to have their say on who will walk away with the coveted awards at this November’s ceremony.

Before Tomorrow When The War Began’s release the top films in terms of rating for the IF Awards were: Accidents Happen, Animal Kingdom, Beneath Hill 60, The Boys Are Back, Bran Nue Dae, Bright Star, Charlie & Boots, Daybreakers, I Love You Too, The Kings of Mykonos: Wog Boy 2, Mao’s Last Dancer, Triangle and The Waiting City.

Other films already eligible for rating for this year’s awards include $9.99, A Day at the Oasis, Bathing Frankly, Before the Rain, Being in Heaven, Blame, Blind Company, Braille, Caught Inside, Coffin Rock, Dreamland, Eraser Children, Girl Clock, Little Sparrows, Lou, Passengers, Playing for Charlie, Prime Mover, Red Hill, Road Train, Savages Crossing, Stone Bros, South Solitary, Subdivision, Summer Coda, Surviving Georgia, The Clinic, The Horseman, The Loved Ones, The Marriage of Figaro, The Nothing Men, The Tree, The Wedding Party, Uninhabited, Van Dieman’s Land and Wasted on the Young.

Who will be among the nominees when they are announced on October 12th is still to be decided, so log on to http://www.ifawards.com and tell us which films you loved or hated amongst this year’s selection.

Ratings for the IF Awards 2010 close on September 17. Make sure that your favourite actors and filmmakers walk away with the IF trophy this year by rating this year’s eligible films online at http://www.ifawards.com.

The 2010 Inside Film Awards is the favourite celebration of the Australian film Industry and the ceremony will be held in mid November in Sydney. Tickets will be available from http://www.ifawards.com/tickets in late September.

Some of the eligible films have only had limited release at festivals and short runs at niche cinemas. These independent films tend to get short shrift when it comes to awards, so if you’ve been to see some of these and enjoyed them, give them the benefit of your helping hand by rating it positively – they need all the support they can get.

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