Femmostroppo Reader – September 6, 2010

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed.What did I miss? Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • 100 sci fi women #50: Rachael
  • – from Blade Runner (check out the rest)

  • links for 2010-09-04
  • – linkfest from Racialicious

  • Why so little concern about Ladies Night?
  • – “… it’s often important to distinguish between when the patriarchy results in actual harm and when it’s just producing tastelessness. And ladies night is firmly in the latter category.”

  • Privilege and Perception
  • – Selective attention test – go do it. Fascinating.

  • Buffy is So Whiny…
  • – “But usually, this whole “Buffy is whiny” nonsense comes with a whole mess of evidence that would get Batman a hug and another comic book spin off. (What? Your parents were gunned down in an alley? I bet that really hurt and gave you a lot of emotional stuff to work through!)(But NOOOO! Buffy! You can’t be upset about YOUR MOM DYING!) (Or YOU DYING!)”

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5 replies

  1. Oh SO much applause for that Buffy article!!

  2. Ouyang Dan strikes again!

  3. Great Buffy article, good to see some support for the later seasons, which I actually think were better than the early seasons.

  4. Me too Rebekka!

  5. A friend wants to spread the word on Uprights behaving badly: Footpaths: footpath etiquette by a wheelchair user.

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