I had forgotten

a ball of blutack…how tedious it is to remove all the old bits of icky ancient blutack before one can even wash the bedroom wall, let alone paint it.

I had to knock on nine neighbours’ doors before I found one of them who had some blutack around for me to use to roll up all the old bits, too.

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  1. Can’t you just remove the first 2 or so, roll them up and keep going snowball-style?

  2. My daughter hoards bluetack, she always has some spare. #unhelpfulcomment
    Also, I’ll take ancient bluetack on the walls over ancient stickers on walls and furniture any day.

  3. I had the same issue at work – only it was super budget blu-tack, and it took paint with it when it came off.
    I’m so looking forward to explaining the little chips in the paint all over the office to my boss. And the landlord.

    • The blutack successfully removed the old stuff, I’m glad I learnt that trick many years ago (one of my neighbours offered to lend me sandpaper, didn’t seem to know the trick).
      We now have the first coat done – yay! The ceiling only needs one coat to brighten it up – even more yay! Second coat tomorrow for the walls.
      I’m feeling a bit smug with myself for celebrating with a nice strong espresso rather than with booze, too.

  4. For future reference, white spirit removes blu-tac not only from walls, but also from carpet. I discovered this as a teenager, having occasionally dropped a bit of blu-tac onto my bedroom floor.

  5. I always have blu-tac. And in all different colours. Cause I’m artsy-fartsy and a stationery junky, it’s sorta sad really. 😛 I’m glad you were finally able to get the job done, though!

  6. I’m planning to repaint my boy’s bedroom too over the summer holidays and this is a very useful thing to know.

  7. We’re planning on waiting at least another 8 or so years until the childer are well out of the drawing on walls phase. Probably just in time to hit the ‘I want the walls black’ phase. This means that just about every wall inside and outside the house has some form of ‘decoration’ on it. One day my Nigel will learn not to leave rollers with dark grey paint on them lying around where Miss (then 3) can get her hands on it and ‘help’ Daddy by painting the cream exterior walls with it. But at least the grey goes nicely with the bright blue marking paint her brother sprayed on the deck (also when he was three).

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