Month: November 2010

Transgender Day of Remembrance: Living with the threat

Even though it’s remembrance of all the deaths worldwide, most writings you’ll find about TDOR online will be from the US, where the day started. But it’s important to acknowledge the specifics of exactly who it is dying, rather than universalise the violence as affecting all trans men, women, genderqueers and other non-binaries equally.

Friday Hoyden: Luna Lovegood

AKA The Harry Potter #7 movie review

Just a short one, and I’m aiming to be spoiler-aware here for those few who haven’t actually read the book of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Quicklink: Epilepsy’s Big, Fat Miracle

Fred Vogelstein, parent of a child with epilepsy that’s been unable to be effectively controlled pharmaceutically, describes his family’s positive experience with a ketogenic diet as a treatment regime: a diet that involves a whole lot of fat in a restricted calorie regime that requires measuring food in fractions of grams. The whole story behind this increasingly accepted but horrendously complicated to manage treatment is a fascinating read.


Mateship is a bond so sacred we want it recognised in the Australian Constitution but female friendship is something nasty and undermining. Apparently this is because female friendships are distracted by competition for men.

Oh, this kind of shit doth weary me.