Month: February 2011

Gorgeous BAFTA artwork

BAFTA apparently commission a different graphic artist every year to come up with 5 posters in their own style for each of the Best Picture nominees, and they use these 5 images as covers for these brochures that they hand out to all attendees.

Life at 3: obesity

Life at 3: Fighting Fat. Ooo boy. It probably wasn’t ever going to be good, was it? Good food, bad food, headless fatties and children in marginalised families reduced to obesity risks.

Life at 1: breastfeeding

The longitudinal television program Life at 5, following from Life at 1 and Life at 3, is now showing. The whole thing has my Hoyden antenna up a bit, so I am going to post a few discussions of some of the aspects of the show I was less impressed by. Today: breastfeeding.