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Items of interest come across recently in my feed-reader. What did I miss? Leave your own interesting links in comments.
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  • Impostor syndrome and hiring power
  • – “This is an Ask a Geek Feminist question: What are some ways in which I can avoid rejecting people who suffer from impostor syndrome when they apply for a job?”

  • Miscarriage: A Possible Crime Scene in Georgia?
  • – “Part of his proposal covers the obvious need to find out if any zygote Americans are at risk. Because they make their living inside structures sometimes called women, it is necessary to police those structures:”

  • On, Wisconsin
  • – “The popular uprising has been amazing to see, but without the actions of 14 State Senators on Thursday, all of it would be over. Thursday was when the 14 Democratic State Senators fled the state to prevent a vote on the bill. As of today, they have no plans to return until Gov. Walker removes the collective bargaining ban from his budget bill. This was a heroic last-ditch attempt to stop legislation that was introduced just over a week ago, and all 14 of them must remain outside of Wisconsin or all of this falls apart. There are 19 Republicans in the State Senate, and 20 Senators are needed in order to hold a vote. If even one of the 14 sets foot in Wisconsin, state troopers can compel that Senator to return to Madison for the vote.”

  • Womens’ Health: Now Subject to Public Ridicule
  • – “If you suffer from migraines, please do not read the comments on any site. Some are insightful, but more are heartbreaking and prove that people don’t know the difference between migraines as opposed to common headaches that can be cured with over-the-counter medication. “

  • Mental Health Review
  • – “*Trigger warning – this post discusses suicide attempts, police violence, PTSD and rape flashbacks**

    I think it’s beyond time to review the Victoria Mental Health Act (1986). The way the system treats those with mental illnesses is horrifying, and the other day this was brought home to me again as I chatted to a woman I know and her very recent experience with the Mental Health Act and the whole medical/police system.”

  • If tech discussion was really about tech, it wouldn’t be sexist.
  • – “I blog about sexism in geek culture not because it’s my passion, but because it gets in the way of my passions.”

  • Michael Winner embarrasses himself on Twitter
  • – “Writer and poker player Victoria Coren at first assumed the tweets talking about her breasts couldn’t possibly be from the genuine Twitter account of Michael Winner, but apparently they were:”

  • Whining in Evolutionary Psychology
  • – “coming up against the limitations of what can be done, I am left with two options:

    1. Try to do something anyway, publish the results as support despite the serious problems

    2. Don’t do the fucking experiment because it doesn’t really prove anything and is therefore an enormous waste of time

    I picture myself as going with option 2 when faced with such a dilemma. The fact that Bering went with option 1, then proceeds to whine about it as though anyone should feel sorry that he acted so foolishly, makes me wonder if he has even a basic understanding of the scientific method.”

  • ‘If you have to go to court, it’s too late’
  • – “Lack of funds is a serious obstacle to accessing the legal system in the United States. Civil courts are absolutely open to all, but it’s all who can pay. If you are experiencing discrimination, there’s a strong chance you cannot pay, and that leaves you without much recourse when it comes to pursuing discrimination in court and trying to get a fair settlement.

    There are other obstacles as well. People of uncertain immigration status may be afraid to draw attention to themselves by filing suits in court, or be unable to access the courts at all. For them, there is no justice; if a situation reaches the point where court is the only open, they’re already done, without a chance. Out of luck. This is one reason undocumented workers are exploited so extensively and aggressively, because employers are well aware they are safe from reporting, let alone going to court.”

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