Slam Poetry for Feminism

Via Clementine Ford on FB, two great slam poetry performances from a few years ago.

Sonya Renee at the Individual World Poetry Slam Finals 2006. Charlotte, NC: What Women Deserve


And here’s another great slam, from a competition in 2005: This Is For You

“Chico Speaks Out Team 2005”
Not your usual poetry slam material. Moving, provocative, young, political, and very smart. Watch through once. (May contain offensive language, used for effect.)[[]]

“North America’s premiere digital content studio which produces state the art performance poetry/ spoken word multimedia presents: this is an award winning trio poetry slam performance poem “This is 4 U” performed at Sacred Grounds Cafe in Arcata CA by Isaac Miller and Ulises Dorantes.”

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  1. wow. I cried

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