Open Thread – Christchurch Earthquake

Today Christchurch was hit by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake. This is an open thread for discussions of the Christchurch Earthquake. Any NZ feminists/ commenters who want to check in and let us know they are okay, please do. My grasp of the geography of the South Island is tenuous so if you are nowhere near the quake let us know that too.

HAT authors: if you see a link to charities/NZ Government organising a fundraiser for Christhchurch Earthquake victims please feel free to add a link in this post. Commenters please feel free to leave links in comments.

Donation possibilities, from Mary: donate to the Australian Red Cross New Zealand Earthquake 2011 Appeal or to the New Zealand Red Cross.

Finding people, helping out, other donations, from Mary: please see Sarah Robot’s extensive links. Phone coverage in Christchurch is now poor and at least on Tuesday people were being asked to keep the lines clear. Try SMS instead to get in touch with someone in the area directly. People can phone DFAT on 1300 555 135 with concerns about Australians in Christchurch.

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  1. People are reporting in on Twitter. HarvestBird was at work at the university with her baby girl in the creche, but they were able to get home safely, and her husband got home an hour or so later. HungryMama is fine, but she can’t get into her home tonight because her street is flooded. Most of the rest of us (Hoydenizens and other feminist bloggers) are in the North Island (Christchurch is about 1/2 way down the South Island). But New Zealand is a village, and we all know people there, and many of us have family there. So it’s an anxious and distressing time for the whole country.
    A heavy rescue team is on its way from Australia. It’s all much more serious this time. Buildings already weakened from the September quake have collapsed, and this time, people have been caught in them. It’s all ghastly.

  2. The Auckland University Students Association have organised a street appeal, which may be of interest to anyone based in Auckland. The NZ blood service are *not* in desperate need of blood at this stage.
    That’s all I’ve heard so far on the topic of donations – nothing for non-NZ people yet.

  3. A blog report in, from Ele of Homepaddock. She was heading towards Christchurch as the quake struck. From the quake zone.

  4. Google have asked for the link to their People Finder app be passed around: You can report on the wellbeing of people, and look for information there already.
    As for donations, I haven’t seen specific appeals yet, but the Red Cross NZ site still has information up about assistance in the last quake, so a general international donation to or a See Red donation to would be one way to help out.

  5. BiscuitCIB/Amanda of Pickled Think is reported to be injured but okay.

  6. And BiscuitCIB is tweeting again!

  7. The Prime Minister has announced 65 confirmed dead.

    • Just got back home and checked out the web for fuller news on the quake than I was getting on the radio. They still don’t know how many people were in the cathedral when it collapsed, or that office building (although it appears that a lot of the workers were out getting lunch at least). I get the feeling that death toll is going to rise a fair bit yet.

  8. Definitely, tigtog. Apparently the deaths confirmed so far are primarily from among people declared dead on arrival at Christchurch Hospital, so it’ll only get worse as they sort through the rubble.

  9. Thinking of everyone in/from/who knows people in New Zealand right now.

  10. Post from Pickled Think, who was in the Christchurch CBD: I’m alive.

  11. Oh, just awful. Relieved to read HarvestBird and her daughter are ok. Poor Christchurch.

  12. Thanks for the linkage and thoughts team. I was central city, but not as close as my friend in the IRD building. She’s pretty shell shocked from watching buildings fall down around her, while her (specially built) building stood firm.
    Kinda hard to see how the city can rise from all this, but have to remember many other cities have in the last 100 years, we should be able too. Just doesn’t feel that way at the moment as the ground goes on moving. To quote my friend “the heart has been ripped out of the city”

  13. I live a few hours south, so hardly felt the quake – wasn’t until I saw some Facebook status updates from friends assuring everyone they’re OK that I even realised it had been so devastating. I can’t believe this is happening again 😐
    I’ve got a list of links and helpful info for people who need to get in touch with missing persons/want to donate etc. on my blog here. Would appreciate it if you could pass it around.

  14. *Sending good vibes towards Christchurch*

    Props to Deborah for the monitoring.

  15. Just doesn’t feel that way at the moment as the ground goes on moving.

  16. The Australian Red Cross has now launched a specific appeal: New Zealand Earthquake 2011 Appeal. Donate at

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