Day: 2012-01-08

Sunday Singalong: Violeta Parra

OK, this one is Violeta Parra, an incredibly haunting Chilean folk singer who saw folk music as a “weapon against oppression”.  Yeah which revolutionary didn’t? She and her children became the song-writers of the left-wing political movement of her country…. Read More ›

BFTP — Endangered Sunday: grey nurse shark

I’ve been in the water with a lot of sharks: leopard sharks, wobbegongs, Port Jackson sharks, grey and white tipped reef sharks and grey nurse sharks. What’s a scary thing I’ve encountered diving? That dreaded apex predatory homo sapiens. Homo sapiens is of course the big threat to today’s Endangered Sunday species, the grey nurse shark or carcharias taurus.

Mary’s helpful guide to soliciting research participation on the ‘net

In my years on the ‘net, I’ve seen any number of people want to interview others or get them to take surveys for everything from a short high school or undergraduate paper through to graduate research projects and books. And they so seldom manage to meet basic ethical guidelines for making sure they aren’t wasting their participants’ time at best or endangering them at worst.