Conflict of interest, what conflict of interest?

French ‘diet guru’ Pierre Dukan has suggested grading students according to their BMI to help deal with the obesity crisis in France. [warning: headless fatty picture with link] With a whopping 12.7% of women and 11.7% of men (no stats for anyone not fitting neatly into these two categories) classed as obese you can see why the desperate need to fat shame teenagers who otherwise, according to Durkan, would be unaware of the awfulness of their bodies. Because as we all know teens are notorious for ignoring social cues and media. Thankfully:

Dukan promotes a high-protein diet that has seen him sell millions of books and win over a slew of celebrity followers

so he is ready willing and able to take your money for a solution that won’t work in 95% of cases help teens become more aware of their bodies. I’m sure there are also people in France who deal with teens with eating disorders so it’s a win win situation, as long as you aren’t a teenager with body image issues.

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  1. Yuck. Going through my teenage clothes to give away and most were chosen because they looked “slimming”. Gah.
    Maybe this will help some people realize the awfulness of the fat shaming and discrimination already happening in schools and workplaces (especially to women). *crickets*

  2. This is as inappropriate as you can get, I think. It ties in with the fat shaming in a promo I saw last night for The Biggest Loser – not a show I watch BTW – where the ‘contestants’ are lined up in front of someone I assume is the female host. She is asking them who has ever been in love while standing under an umbrella. They are standing in the rain while she harangues them. I was appalled.

  3. So under this scheme I would have gotten extra marks for my medical issues? Having been asked, in the relevant timeframe, by one of my yearmates what diet I was on to be so thin, only to find out that I was heavier than this girl who was several inches taller, I say screw that.

    We had enough problems in high school without making it (weight loss) competitive.

  4. Yay, another scheme to discredit people’s achievements based on sexist and ableist beauty standards. Now with added fat-shaming. Words don’t even begin to describe how inappropriate this is.

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